A Real Talk with Harvard University

It was a pride for the Business Administration department to present a Real Talk with Harvard University, Jay K. Rosengard. This event was a part of visiting lecturer by Prof. Jay to the Department of International Business, Faculty of Business Administration. The event took place at the meeting room, 90th building, 6th floor Faculty of Business Administration with global finance topic: The Asian new four – Choosing success and the lessons of East and Southeast Asia. It was opened by the Dean of Business Administration and attended by students from the Faculty of Business Administration.

Various references have been provided before the seminar held. The references were books and reports that have been published by the Harvard Kennedy School. One of the reference books was “The Sum is Greater Than the Parts: Doubling Shared Prosperity in Indonesia through Local and Global Integration”. In the seminar, Prof. Jay discussed strategic assessment for growth, equity, and democratic governance. He talked a lot about economic, social and political development that have been factors for great success stories in many countries. He also gave examples of many cases related to global finance around the world. One of the cases was the global finance story in Indonesia that has been successfully leveraged the group of middle-income over the last 45 years.

During the questions and answers, students actively asked to get more information about the topic that was discussing. In the end of the seminar, there was a souvenir that was given from the Dean of Business Administration to Prof. Jay K. Rosengard.

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