Recreation Classes

While our students are constantly aiming for higher goals in their academic development, it also is our responsibility to introduce these future professionals and leaders into the importance of recreation. In today’s world which is governed by a constant use of technology the right way of recreation becomes more and more the focus of attention in today’s society.

In our recreation classes, students are taught the significance of balancing work and life and what has to be learned in order to relax and recreate in the right way after a long, demanding and successful working day.

In a time where burn-out syndromes become progressively frequent and where stress-related diseases are on the rise, finding the right way to recreate body and mind and to maintain the ability to work on a high level becomes an essential task in today business world and for every successful employee and employer. 

Discovering the practical part of recreation, learning the necessity of brainstorming and problem-solving in a stress-free, friendly and inviting environment is of great importance. For this purpose, the classroom was relocated for one day into the parks of Bangkok where the students were asked to find answers and solutions for different recreational challenges. 

Furthermore, they were instructed to connect with park visitors to discover the parks’ significant role for the recovering process of the people in Bangkok. Additionally, the students were suggested to do recreational activities and to experience nature without the constant use of the cellphone. 

For the students as well as for the accompanying Ajarn, this event was an interesting, exciting and joyful experience.

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