Student Exchange Program

The Student Exchange Program is a mutual exchange of students between the International Business (IB) department of RMUTP and international colleges and universities arround the world. Students who participate in the exchange program may study abroad for one semester or a few weeks. Every year the IB Office of International Affairs proudly supports both incoming and outgoing exchange students. Exchange students represent a rich cultural significance here at RMUTP. The IB exchange programs can be a low cost alternative to studying abroad because students pay RMUTP tuition only. This means your tuition costs will not go up as a result of studying abroad.

If you are a student at RMUTP, you have two options for exchange!

TOEIC RequirementsDestination
Below 600Asian countries
The IB students interested in studying abroad should meet with our IB staffs to discuss their options. Students will also meet with the coordinator for a pre-departure orientation to prepare them for life abroad.

International Students: If you are a student at one of RMUTP’s partner institutions, there are many options for doing an exchange at the IB department! Please contact the IB Office of International Affairs.

**If you are an international student, please refer to this list to find out if your institution has a partnership with RMUTP.