Interview Bhutanese Graduates 2017

Name: Kezang Wangmo

What do you like about studying at RMUTP University?

– I am honoured to be studying at RMUTP with kind and professional professors, good friends who were always there to give their hand. I like environment where all encourages us to do well in studies. I like everything at exist in university the President, all Professors and friends.

What is your technique to get a first class honour degree?

– Studying is important as well as attitude do matters to achieve the goal so I did it. Dedicated myself to studying without distraction, and I did improve by joining the group study with my friends, focused on class lectures, assignment and the encouragement from Lecturers.

How do you manage time for study and activities?

– About managing time I did by keeping track of time and setting the particular time for study and other for activities by avoiding procrastination.

What are your career goals?

–  I am planning to continue my study for Master Degree after working for one to two years. 

Could you please leave your comment for juniors’ students?

– I want to say that study well and don’t give up when you face difficulties in life. Think as an opportunity to make life better. Always keep track of time and be aware of what are you doing? And it’s never too late for you all to start studying and setting the career goals. So, please avoid procrastination, distraction and have patience in everything you do as it takes time to achieve something.

Lastly, I want to thank you all, the University and the President for giving me the opportunity to study, all professor for sharing knowledge and encouraging and friendss for always helping and being there supporting.

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